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Tawana Taylor

Tawana Taylor, fitness professional and certified group exercise instructor, is most commonly described as ambitious and innovative. From partnering and owning a cosmetology business that promotes healthy hair, to launching into the fitness industry to promote a healthy lifestyle. Tawana is dedicated to breaking the stereotype that there is only one healthy body type. She encourages every client to become physically, mentally, and spiritually strong despite their physical appearance. Since 2014, Tawana has worked with over 100 clients in private training sessions and group exercise classes. Her goal is to create an environment that transforms the whole person by renewing the mind and strengthening the body. Are you ready to be transformed?

Founder & Owner of TaylorURFitness™




TaylorURFitness™ is a program designed to cultivate health, wellness, and fitness in the lives of every day individuals. In order to achieve optimal results, we ‘Taylor’ the program to work for and with you.


TaylorURFitness™ puts healthy living at your fingertips with a variety of products and services . Whatever your lifestyle, our program is ready to be ‘Taylored’ for a healthier you!

Are you ready for a transformation? 

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