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Is it time for you to get fit?

"I finished my first 10K with her."
-Wendy M.
"I have been taking TaylorURFitness group exercise class for a few months, so far, I am down 20 pounds, and I toned up!! She's such a sweetheart. She will help you with all your questions and concerns! Tawana motivates you to be a better you and that's what I LOVE about her!!! I would be upset when I miss her classes. Tawanna was just what I needed!"
-Troylynne T.
"From the constant motivation throughout class to giving 110% thrive and focus, change is inevitable. TaylorURFitness group exercise class not only helped me to lose a significant amount of weight but also toned my problem areas. I had to keep in mind that pain is temporary, and it made me thrust even harder, due to the fact that I was falling in love with my results."
-Freddericka K.


"TaylorURFitness group exercise class has really motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle. When you attend her class you can just feel the positive energy she gives off. She is the type of instructor that would not leave you hanging! She would push you to the limits! She truly just wants to see you do better and reach your goals! I'm so happy that I was able to meet such an inspirational person like her!"
-Errionne A.
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